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Buying Wholesale Pens

The pen is an essential writing instrument that has become indispensable for the contemporary world. There are many types available; the ever-available ball point pen, the roller ball point, the fountain pen, and the felt-tip pen. This important writing instrument has been around for thousands of years, starting with the quill pen made from bird feathers dipped in ink, to the reed pen or bamboo pen, with its slight and tapered tip. Over time, technology has helped create more functional versions, which do not require elaborate rituals of using.

According to history, the ancient Indians were the first ones to use rudimentary pens made from bamboo sticks and bird feathers from India. In the 500 BC, these type of pens were used to write the text in the old literature of Puranas. Mahabharta and Ramayana. Some of the Dead Sea scrolls discovered used quill pens.

With the invention of the personal computer with keyboard input methods have revolutionized the way people write, the pen will never lose its place as an essential writing instrument. In fact, nowadays, there are pens specifically made for the discerning user which can cost more than half a million dollars each.

In today's digitalized universe, people still have not ended their ties with this epochal writing instrument. Pens are found everywhere; in schools, homes, and offices. Pens are also used as regular promotional advertising purposes, and given away at forums, seminars and career fairs. They may be plain Bic pens or personally customized ones, but they remain pivotal in our daily existence.

For offices especially, it is always a more economical idea to purchase wholesale pens rather than buy them individually. If the purpose is to purchase wholesale pens for office supply or promotional use, one way to do this is via special Internet offers which accord really great discounts. The Internet has an infinite choice possibilities and the best selection of dimensions, hues and personalized alternatives. Choose an online retailer which is experienced in promotional or endorsement pens such as pensxpress.com or pensrus.com.

To get the best deals and options, shop around and do some serious investigative work. Most retailers of wholesale pens have a minimum requirement meet. The more pens bought, the lower the prices will be. For wholesale pens of 3, 000 and more, the online retailer should be personally notified. This way, the buyer might procure even lower prices. The best deals are always made when face to face.

Some pens available in the market like Parker pens may be pricier when bought individually, but with wholesale options, not only are the prices considerably lowered, but they can also be kept for other uses than as office supplies. Consider this when giving out pens as promotional gifts to customers. Wholesale pens come in wide varieties such as standard ball point pens, retractable versions, and grip and twist pens. Some online retailers may also be able to proffer quality wholesale fountain pens made to order.

Wholesale pens are so much cheaper and very cost-effective in the long run.

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