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Promotional Items For a Comfortable Workplace

The average employee spends at least 45 hours in his workstation. The office is basically his second home, a second life. One of the basic things the company can provide is a wholistic and comfortable workplace that allows him to fulfill the requirements of his job and still strike a balance between outside life and work. Here are some ideas for promotional items you can integrate in your employee motivation programs:

Ensure that work stations are ergonomic. Easily, one of the major reasons for absenteeism is work-related injuries. Supply your employees with promotional items such as wrist pads, filters for their computer monitors, ergonomic keyboards, and back pillows.
Educate your employees on proper posture at their desks so they do not get back or neck injuries.

Get the entire team together to start the week right. Monday is the best time to plan what happens during the week and to update one another on what's on the other's plate. Promotional items such as drinkware allow you to relax and talk-the best conversations happen over a steaming hot cup of coffee.The weekly meeting is also a good time to bond. People work best when the atmosphere is friendly, but do not force friendship. It will come naturally.

Make sure they have all the promotional office items they need within reach. Integrate promotional items into your welcome package, including logo-bearing notepads, ballpoint pens, lanyards, sticky notes, and a mug.

Allow them to take a break every once in a while. The short time off-whether for coffee or cigarettes-makes employees recharge, so allow them to take breaks but encourage them to do so responsibly. Promotional items like timers and jigsaw puzzle are suitable gifts.

Promotional stress-relieving items make great giveaways when the going gets tough. Custom stress balls come in pill, soccer, basketball, hand and other shapes and in bright, attractive colors. Promotional food items such as peanuts and candies are good chewables while working.

Encourage them to loosen up with humorous giveaways. They say laughter is the best medicine. Give them weepuls or cute little stuffed animals to lighten up an otherwise anemic workstation. These promotional items will surely make anyone smile.

Allow them to feel at home in the workplace. Let them personalize their desks with promotional desktop items such as digital or regular photo frames that display pictures of their family. it's a great reminder of why they're working hard or what they're saving up for.

Encourage employees to engage in socio-civic activities. This enforces your company's values and inspires your workers to do a little good every day. Help build a house for the poor. Organize a soup kitchen. Visit an orphanage over a weekend. Be ready with promotional apparel in company colors. These items are great ways to build teamwork.

Give praise freely. Nothing encourages employees more than knowing they are appreciated. Compliment them for a job well done. Logo-imprinted trophies, plaques, and medals are promotional items that will come in handy in your company's recognition and awards program.

End-of-the-year events are also good opportunities to reward employees. Special promotional items like a personalized Parker pen or maybe a silver-plated paperweight are perfect giveaways for the occasion.

Give them some time off if they truly deserve it. For example, if your team members have been working double time to complete a project, allow them an extra workday or two off so they can come back recharged. Send them spa essentials, maybe a manicure or pedicure set, or other promotional items that will allow them to relax.

Celine Benjamin dispenses advice on promotional items, marketing, business, and new media. You can find her at http://blog.branders.com Visit Branders.com for more details.

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