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Top 5 Benefits of Using Promotional Mugs

A proven marketing technique that companies use to promote their brand is by using promotional merchandise. One of the most popular items are promotional mugs, where you can customise and print your logo or message for all your customers to see. Here are the top five benefits why you should consider them for your next marketing campaign:

1. Maximising Exposure
The obvious benefit of producing your own range of printed and promotional mugs is to get your brand exposed on an item that almost everyone uses everyday. Think about it, since most employees like to have tea or coffee at work, they are bound to find an abundance of mugs in the kitchen. Some people even like to use travel mugs, which are portable and have the potential to be seen by a wider marketing audience. The more people that see your mug, the more exposed your brand gets, and create potential interest from customers.

2. Practical and durable
Promotional mugs are items which recipients are highly likely to keep for years because they are so practical. The most popular are ceramic style mugs, which are ideal for printing any kind of logo around the whole mug and last for ages. They are microwave and dishwasher safe so your logo won't fade out. Drink after drink, these mugs can offer real value in a way no other marketing method can.

3. Increasing networking opportunities
The next time you are organizing a trade show or conference, the best item give away are promotional mugs. They can easily spark a conversation interest and if you offer one to an interested customer, it is an opportunity to get to know them professionally. You can talk to them more about your products and services and take their contact details if they are interested in purchasing from your business.

4. Cost effective
When you invest in wholesale promotional mugs, you usually save money if you order with a good supplier which sells high quality products. Even if you choose to design a mug with a one colour print, it won't cost you much and you will be sure that your mug will constantly be advertising itself. Compared to other forms of advertising, you will actually see more benefit and return in advertising on mugs than spending lots of money on TV and radio ads, for example.

5. Delivering a positive impact
There is no doubt that a successful marketing campaign will include giving away promotional mugs for a positive impact on customers. All you need is a simple but creative design to make that giant leap into getting your brand seen and talked about. Customers are far more likely to remember your brand and it will stick in their minds every time they use the mug.

The benefits of promotional mugs are endless and it is no wonder that thousands of businesses have made a small investment in them and are noticing a difference in their sales revenue. Whatever your budget, quality, promotional mugs can work wonders for your business too.

Neil Smith works in the marketing department of We Brand It Ltd, a leading supplier of promotional and branded merchandise. We are experts on a wide range of mugs, including wholesale promotional mugs, their manufacture and their usage.

Our site offers not only a variety of products but also advice and expertise on how to market your business with them. We offer promotional mugs at the best price when ordered in bulk, so visit us today for all your promotional gifts.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6840447

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