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Promotional Gifts Should Have Your Name Written All Over Them!

If you have a promotional budget, giving promotional gifts should be a given. Everyone loves getting gifts and getting something with your business's information on it has the potential to bring in a lot of customers. On each and every promotional item you are giving out, you should make sure your business name shouts out loud and clear.

Although there are many pieces of information that can be put on promotional gifts, your business name and logo are the two most critical items. There will be people who do not recognize your logo, even, so having your name prominently printed on each and every promotional product you purchase and give away is crucial. This will give anyone receiving the promotional gifts a chance to check out your website or call your business phone, since they will have the company's name to look up.

The order most businesses place information on promotional gifts are as follows:

  • Company name - this piece of information on each and every promotional item you have printed will bring in the most customers. It should be in a prominent position on the promotional item, either above or below your company logo. In the event that only one piece of information will fit on a promotional item, or that is all you can afford to have printed, your company name should be that one piece on information!
  • Company logo - having your company logo on promotional gifts, especially if it is unique, colorful and eye-catching, can draw a person's attention to the promotional items. This is a good strategy, since getting a person to look at the promotional gifts is what you need to bring in business. However, a logo alone (unless it has been around for a very long time and is well known) won't lead people to you...only your company name can do that!
  • Other company information - adding your business phone number, web site address and slogan may be possible on many promotional gifts. There is room for all of this information, so long as you have the budget to cover the printing costs. Keep the design as simple and uncluttered as possible, though, so it will be easy to read by those who just get a glance. This is why your company name in a prominent position on the promotional gifts is a must...it has to advertise in just a glance.
  • Company address - this piece of information is rarely found on promotional gifts, as it just takes up too much room and makes the item look cluttered. Paper products and folders are two promotional items where this information may fit, but again the company name must take precedence.

Promotional gifts vary in size, so the room you have to print company information will vary, as well. If you keep the above order of information in mind, you can surely create a design that will print well on most promotional gifts. It never hurts to have several designs for promotional gifts, though, with various amounts of information included.

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