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6 Ways to Put Promotional Note Pads to Work For You

One of the most versatile promotional items is the ever-popular promotional note pad. This product can find a home with any company or client in any industry. Typically, note pads are used in offices as a way to quickly raise awareness among staff, while providing employees with a practical tool they can use to jot down important notes throughout the day. 
You'll see that it won't take more than a couple of minutes of brainstorming to find a use for promotional note pads in your marketing campaign. Here are a few ideas you may never have thought of to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Put promotional note pads in new hire kits. Make new hires feel welcomed to your company by providing them with a promotional gift package on their first day. As part of this package, you can include useful imprinted items like promotional note pads that will help them complete their daily tasks. A quality promotional notepad will raise your employee's morale and show them you are committed to their happiness.

2. Give away imprinted note pads at conferences and lectures. At conferences and lectures, most of the attendees will want to take notes on the information they're learning. Instead of forcing them to bring their own supplies, give each person their own promotional note pad featuring the conference name, logo, and dates. People will be able to use their promotional note pads to keep track of all of the things they do and learn, and will remember to attend the conference next year after reviewing notes on your imprinted pad.

3. Use branded note pads as a gift-with-purchase. Help spread the word about your services and raise customer satisfaction by providing a free promotional note pad as a gift-with-purchase for every order! These useful pads will be used daily by your clients, publicizing your company's name and logo repeatedly throughout the day. They also help to keep your contact information close by, in case your client is ready to do business again soon.

4. Give your employees promotional note pads for daily use. If your employees routinely jot down notes or memos, why not make sure it's done on your company's own promotional note pad? Imprinted note pads will promote your company internally and raise employee satisfaction. Workers won't need to scrounge around for scraps of paper in their garbage or waste paper from the printer. Instead, they'll have a convenient promotional note pad at their disposal at all times.

5. Complete any promo package with branded note pads. If you're creating a promotional package that includes items like custom pens, it's only natural to provide a promotional note pad as well. A quality note pad can tie a package together and give the recipient a useful tool they will get a lot of use out of. Promotional note pads are affordable and can be used to strengthen the impact of any promotional product campaign.

6. Use promotional note pads as tradeshow gifts. Branded note pads are an excellent tradeshow giveaway. Giving visitors a promotional note pad will give them a way to keep track of contacts they meet and companies they speak to. All of the useful information from the tradeshow will be gathered in your convenient promotional note pad, complete with your company name and logo. Trade show attendees will have thank you for this valuable opportunity.These are just some of the many uses of promotional note pads. The sheer versatility of this product gives it a huge amount of potential. Every company should be able to find a way to incorporate this popular item into their next promotional product campaign.

Mark Yokoyama is Director of Marketing for ePromos Promotional Products, Inc, one of the largest promotional product and corporate gift distributors in the US.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mark_Yokoyama

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/790970

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