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Choosing Wholesale Promotional Products to Improve Your Business

Businesses give away promotional products because of two main reasons: to promote the products or services the business sells or provides, and to send message of "thank you" to costumers. They can be specially made products with imprinted company name and exclusively made as giveaways, or the product itself. Either way, giving away promotional products involves a substantial amount of investment, considering they are purchased wholesale. Thus the process of choosing what to give should be carefully evaluated on several factors.

1. Choose the wholesale promotional products that your costumers are looking for.

There are lots of promotional products ideas out there. And all of them can be effective in one way or another. However, you still have to consider what your costumers want to receive and not relying on what is the most common or what costs less.

Here are some of the features that your wholesale promotional products should posses:

Quality. Promotional products bear your company's names. They provide an impression on what the company can provide. If you cannot provide superior quality on your promotional products, better choose another marketing strategy instead.

Usefulness and Durability. The value of your promotional products depends not on the looks but on the usefulness. Also, it is very important that each promotional product can last for a long time.

Attractiveness. Your target is to promote but you still have to convince your costumers to brandish your giveaways in public. But if your products are not something that your costumers can be proud of, don't bother to give them away. Make sure that your products address the taste of the class you are targeting.

Convenience. Promotional products should be handy and easy to use.

Uniqueness. Your product should be a stand out so that it can be recognizable.

2. Print your company name and logo.

Your aim is to promote your company or the products or services you provide, that's why you give away promotional products. But if your costumers would not recognize that they come from you, then giving away is totally pointless. Make sure that your company logo and name are imprinted on your products but be careful on this part. Put your name and logo at a right size. Too small and your promotion is ineffective, too large is detrimental.

3. Choose the size of the products

Now that you know what your costumers look for and the value of putting your company name and logo to your promotional products, it is time to consider the size. Choose size depending on the goals you want to achieve. Take note that if you choose small items such as key chains and pens, you have a small space to print your company logo and name. Whereas if you choose big promotional products like bags, umbrellas and shirts, you can place your name and logo in them easily. Still, take note of the proper size of name and logo before you print.

4. Focus on your aim.

If you want exposure, make sure that you refrain from choosing promotional products that are not going to do the job. Pens and key chains may be useful but they are most likely to be kept by the costumer. Caps and shirts are 2 of the most effective items you can choose.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written many articles on various subjects. For more information on sales incentives or employee incentives checkout his websites.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/543947

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