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The Top Classes of Promotional Items

Advertising campaigns that feature promotional items are among the most effective, but you may be wondering what types of promotional items are the most popular. According to the sales figures reported to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), these are the top five categories of promotional products and the market share that each of them holds.

  1. Promotional Apparel
With 22.5% of industry sales, promotional apparel is the leader in categories of promotional items by a runaway 10%. These figures include promotional caps, t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, sweatshirts - anything that is worn.

What makes wearables so popular? For one thing, they appeal to both customers and employees, and are bought for a wide range of reasons. They can be part of a motivational strategy or bought as incentives for staff. In many cases, they are bought for wear as uniforms or to be worn by employees for special events. T-shirts and caps are among the most popular giveaways at events and trade shows, where they serve the dual purpose of being thank you gifts and further advertising.

  1. Writing instruments
One of the most enduring of promotional items categories, printed pens are obliquely a symbol of the entire promotional items industry. Everyone uses pens, and there are pens for every budget. Cheap plastic pens make great handouts at the till or the event table. Expensive, quality writing instruments are valued executive gifts and achievement gifts. Writing instruments, including pens, pencils and highlighters make up 12.3% of industry sales.
  1. Glassware and ceramics
What would the industry be without promotional mugs and glasses? Promotional glassware has been around for centuries. Among the most memorable glassware promotional items are Coca Cola glasses and drinking glass jelly jars. Coffee mugs are currently among the most popular promotional items bought across all industries, and have a 9.7% share of industry sales.
  1. Calendars
It is another category that should come as no surprise. Calendars were among the first popular promotional items, and nearly everyone receives at least one promotional calendar at the start of a new years. From appointment books and day planners, pocket calendars, wall calendars and desk calendars to novelties like calendar blocks and personalized office calendars, promotional calendars command 8.7% of promotional items sales.
  1. Recognition Awards
Awards, trophies and engraved mementos make up another 8.2% of the promotional items industry. There is a wide range of recognition awards, and the category includes items like emblematic jewelry, watches and clocks.

Interestingly, there are a number of very popular items that did not make the top five list - not a single toy in the bunch, for instance, despite the popularity of Frisbees and stress toys as trade show giveaways. When you are deciding what to choose as promotional items for your own business, you can take your cue from the list of most popular items, whether you decide to follow the trends - or break out on your own with something non-traditional.

Whatever the style of your perfect promotional gift you are sure to find it by checking out the leading online suppliers for promotional products. The internet allows you to search through their catalogues and even request a quote for the product you find. You can find out quickly and easily how inexpensive it can be to promote your business in the best way possible.

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