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5 Tips on How to Choose Which Wholesale Promotional Products to Offer

Promotional products are given away primarily to create and sustain interest in a company's products and services. They can be the products itself or, and this happens more frequently than usual, specially made products that are imprinted with the company's name and manufactured exclusively to serve as giveaways.

Since promotional products are usually purchased wholesale, even the smallest mistake can land you with thousands of useless giveaways. Thus, before pushing through with the production of your promotional products, make sure first that you've considered all the important factors that can affect it.


According to a survey made by the PPA, customers deem the following factors significant when receiving promotional products:

Usefulness (98.3%) - Your promotional product must be useful, not just to anyone, but most especially to your target market.

Quality (71.8%) - If you're not willing or able to produce promotional products of adequate or superior quality, then it's better to employ another marketing strategy instead.

Attractiveness (61.5%) - Your product must also be visually pleasing to the eye and most especially once more to your target market. If your promotional product's not something that your customer can proudly brandish in public, don't give it away. Customers also indicated their desire for promotional products that are tasteful (59.8%), but since taste is entirely subjective, make sure that your promotional product adheres to your target market's taste.

Convenience (45.5%) - Convenience can convey different meanings, and if you want to play it safe then you need to use promotional products that are conveniently compact in size besides being convenient to use as well.

Uniqueness (43.7%) - Promotional products should also be unique if possible, but you can worry about this later on.

Longevity (28.2%) - And lastly, promotional products - if possible - should be durable.


There's no point to having wholesale promotional products manufactured and given away if none of them bears the name of your company. Be careful, however, when having your company name printed because too large a print can be detrimental while too small a print can prove to be ineffective. Also, consider if it will be better for you to have your company logo printed instead of your company name. Sometimes, image-conscious customers prefer to use promotional products that only bear the logo instead of the name.


If your wholesale promotional products consist of things like pens and lighters, these may be useful and even fashionably designed but they also allow you only a small amount of space to have your company name and logo printed.


Useful is as useful goes but sometimes people end up using a promotional product frequently not just because it's useful but trendy as well. One good example of this is giveaway caps. As long as the corporate logo or name is tastefully incorporated, customers probably won't mind using it for almost all kinds of occasions.


No company gives away promotional products without any reason. You yourself have your own reasons for giving away promotional products and one way to increase its effectiveness is by making sure that it matches the reason and circumstances surrounding it. Are you having wholesale promotional products manufactured for a trade show or to introduce a new product to the market?

Follow these tips and you're sure to end up with a wholesale batch of promotional products that are going to drive your sales up.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written many articles on various subjects. For more information on sales incentives or employee incentives checkout his websites.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/491624

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