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Using Wholesale Promotional Golf Umbrellas to Promote Your Company

In the sea of promotional products, it's tough to catch a fish that syncs with your company's culture and the culture of its clients. Sure, you could always settle for pens and coffee mugs. But it's a good idea to support your standard promotional products with products that stand out from the crowd. Exactly what type of products are we talking about? Well, if standing out is your goal, you could give potential clients desktop microwaves; little boxes that are ideal for re-warming a workaholic's ever cooling cup of coffee. Or you could do something even stranger: give away an apparatus that's designed to prop your head as you nod off during a public transportation ride. Believe it or not, these promotional products exist. But they might get you plenty of laughs and no sales. A better idea is to find a product that remains memorable for both its usefulness and novelty, such as wholesale promotional golf umbrellas.

Why Use Wholesale Promotional Golf Umbrellas to Promote your Company?

Promotional golf umbrellas wouldn't be a great giveaway for all companies, because not all companies deal with clients that appreciate golf culture. Yes, golf umbrellas can be used other places than golf courses, and you can also use a bath towel to mop up oil spills. But if you care about using a unique item to target a specific type of client, which is the way a unique item achieves the best results, then ask whether your clients play golf, whether the golf course is their boardroom outside of the boardroom. If the answer is yes, promotional golf umbrellas could be the promotional item that gets you a hole in one with potential clients, or at least a birdie.

Are There Statistics that Show the Effectiveness of Golf Umbrellas as Giveaways?

If you want statistics to tell the story of a giveaway item's effectiveness, or lack thereof, the best place to look is in the Promotional Products Association International's (PPAI) statistics division. According the PPAI's statistics, there are two sets of statistics that show the effectiveness of golf umbrellas as giveaways:

1. General Statistics

According to a business audience survey performed by PPAI, 34 percent of the audience reported having another company's promotional item on their person, and 52 percent responded that they had done business with a company after receiving one of its promotional items.

2. Specific Statistics

According to PPAI, sporting goods accounted for 2.95 percent of the total promotional product sales by promotional product distributors in 2006, a not insignificant number considering the large number of product types whose sales are too low to justify their own category.

Promotional golf umbrellas are excellent giveaways to company decision makers that golf, or at least think they golf. Who knows, the next time you're golfing, you might be able to strike up a valuable conversation when you see one of your umbrellas on the course.

In my research on promotional umbrellas, I've studied the value of using promotional items as trade show giveaways.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5394151

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