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10 Great Reasons to Do Business in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is one of China's fastest developing cities and offers a host of opportunities to new businesses and investors seeking avenues into China. Here's a quick list of 10 great reasons to do your business in the Pearl River Delta.

  1. Proximity to Hong Kong - Hong Kong is only 20 minutes away by train, bus, car and only a little further by ferry. This makes it easy to attract international visitors to your new premises.

  2. Special Economic Zone Status - Shenzhen's status as a Special Economic Zone offers your business favourable rates of tax, as well as easy business formation at a sensible cost.

  3. Climate - Shenzhen is temperate for most of the year with an extremely mild winter, which makes attracting employees easier.

  4. Cultural Melting Pot - The city attracts people from all over China as well as having a strong expatriate community, making it simple to find people with the right accent and the right connections to do business anywhere in the country.

  5. Facilities - There's been huge investment in infrastructure, which gives Shenzhen a head start on providing world class office space and services that match.

  6. Experience - It's the first city to have opened up to the world, there's no other place in China with as much experience of working with the international community. While conditions may not always be perfect, they're always better than elsewhere.

  7. Manufacturing - Shenzhen is the manufacturing heart of China, with Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Zhongshan all within a couple of hours travel. The Pearl River Delta is where almost all the country's production facilities are located.

  8. Pollution - While the city may be a little polluted it has far better air quality than Guangzhou the only other major business hub in South China. Making it a more pleasant place to live and work.

  9. Culture - While the ancient and traditional culture of the country can be a little hard to find locally, there's no denying that the city absolutely reflects the modern culture of China. Fast paced living with a drive to succeed and prosper, it may sometimes feel a touch artificial but you can't be more in touch with the real modern Middle Kingdom than in Shenzhen.

  10. Language - The predominant language of the city is Mandarin. Which means that you can find employees who can communicate with the whole of China, the rest of the province speaks Cantonese placing a slight premium on communication skills here.

There's no doubt that Shenzhen offers a superb gateway for people looking to start business in China and there's a great deal of support on offer for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the city.

Nick Kellingley is the managing editor of China Strategic Monitor, [http://www.chinastrategicmonitor.com]

CSM is a newsletter and consulting service for finance and technology companies looking to invest in China. We offer insight into key verticals; New Energy, Automotive and Coal & Steel as well as bespoke reporting services and consultancy. Catch our blog at http://csminsights.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6422928

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