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Wholesale Drop Shippers: Does Starting a Big Online Store Mean Easy Money?

When people think about the business of wholesale drop shipping, they think: Easy money.

Since when has any business been easy money? It all takes work. The problem is that some random person goes online and hears about how amazing the drop shipping business can be, how it's such easy money, that they're going to open up shop doing auctions or set up an online store. How they can work with anyone from jewelry drop shippers to selling wholesale electronics, handbags, gift baskets, and what have you.

They think they're going to make a fortune selling wholesale products on the internet and have them drop shipped directly in wholesale from China.

Does anyone else see a problem with what I just said?

The overall mentality is flawed. People are thinking in terms of easy money. There is no such thing. Imagine with me for a moment: You run an online store which also sells products on eBay and uses auctions for income. You have a huge wholesale warehouse where you store merchandise & keep your inventory. Your warehouse carries mega-goods: wholesale DVDs, furniture, wholesale electronics, clothing, handbags, software, after-market car parts and accessories, folding bikes. You name it, your monster of a store has it. We're talking brand name, national and international quality goods. Some even come direct from China! The top in wholesale products that money can buy.

You do aggressive online promotions for your websites. You take really good care of your customers, and handle any issues and complaints with an utter sense of urgency. You offer a money back guarantee in case your customers aren't satisfied with the product, and sometimes you offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount, to generate extra sales. Heck, you're even a member of the Better Business Bureau, and proudly display the BBB seal on your company's website.

You have found some real quality wholesale resources, no middlemen, and get most product direct wholesale from China, and ship it anywhere. You know what you're doing. You have a plan to run your business. You plan your work and work your plan. You're a busy person.

Now, absorb everything I just said and remove one process from it: Inventory management.

There, you have a real drop shipping business. As we can see, it is just like running any other business, except that the advantage of private label shipping with wholesale products drop shippers and wholesale suppliers means you don't have to worry about warehousing, carrying and managing inventory, or packaging and shipping the items. Yes, that would be a big load off your busy daily schedule, and you would probably be even more successful devoting more of your time to marketing your business and spending less time worrying about your warehouse operations.

So which categories and niches are good for making money with wholesale suppliers & dropshippers?

I don't know, what size shoe do I wear? All kidding aside... I do feel compelled to tell you that this is one business where your possibilities are actually endless.

As far as categories, you're only limited to your imagination. Anything that you can see around you, that you see at malls, large chain stores online & offline - can be drop shipped directly to your customers: If you find the right source of quality, legitimate, reliable, real suppliers and drop shippers. Think about it: People want clothes, shoes, bikes, binoculars, sporting equipment, security cameras, coach bags, cheap suits, high-end electronics, women's stuff, men's products, cameras, home furnishings, laptops, plasma TVs, kitchen, home & garden products. Nutrition, games, Xbox, books, movies...... do I need to go on?

I've seen many fail in this business over the past 2 decades. Aside from illegitimate suppliers, the top reason had to have been that everyone who I saw failing was: trying to be everything to everybody. Imagine running an online store with everything I just mentioned above. Wow. Yes, the big guys like Amazon.com can do it, or Wal-Mart can do it, but don't think you can replicate their success overnight. The can do it because they're huge, they've got money, power, resources.

For someone just starting out, the key is to specialize in a given niche. Laser-line focus is a must. You pick one category, find a market within that category, and cater to that group of shoppers. Forget about everyone else for now.

For example, how about having an online store where binoculars are sold specifically for bird-watching? Millions of people have that hobby. That is a focused business plan. How about selling hidden security cameras to parents who have a nanny or babysitter in the house when they're away, watching their kids, and want to know if their kids are being treated properly. That is what we call laser line focus.

I don't recommend anyone starting out to just set up one big shop selling everything under the sun.

Get started making money with drop shipping companies now. I use these sources for my online stores and to be a ruthless power seller on eBay. Click here to go to my page about advice with starting a dropship business, scroll to the bottom of the page to see my solid recommendations.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5846101

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