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What You Should Know When Looking For Wholesale Tool Distributors From China

Importing from wholesale tool distributors in China promises cheap buys and higher profit margin but is not without pitfalls. There are a few things sellers need to be aware when working with suppliers from China in order to establish lasting business relationship and trust.


The first thing sellers need to know is that most Chinese wholesale tool distributors only accept Western union and wired transfer as mode of payment. It is unsecured and hardly traceable. In the event of a dispute, most of the time, buyer will end up at the losing end.

So why do these suppliers use Western union and wired transfer? This is because for majority of retailers in China, these are the only mode of payment they can use as it is not easy and straight forward to obtain credit cards in the country. Hence, majority of suppliers only accept these modes of payment.

What can retailers from other countries do? Well, you can minimize the risk by ordering small amount at first and gradually increasing the quantity as time goes by and as trust slowly gets established.


With culture and language barrier, communication becomes a major obstacle for many sellers to work with wholesale tool distributors in China. This is especially true when you need to negotiate on terms and pricing.

Many overseas retailers overcome this by communication with these suppliers using online chat programs so as MSN, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and so on. Most of the time, they are more than willing to communicate through this channel as it helps to improve their English as well. It is a win-win situation. You also get immediate or at least faster response.


I believe this will be one of the main concerns for any retailers wanting to work with Chinese wholesale tool distributors. Finding a supplier that gives you quality goods can take time. You can start off by ordering some samples from them. This not only helps you to know exactly what you will be getting but also tests the professionalism of the supplier. A good and reputable distributor will not hesitate to give you samples.

Locating The Suppliers

Finding wholesale tool distributors on your own may not take long but finding a good one will. Go for online distributor directories that feature reviews on suppliers and preferably a forum where retailers comment on them. This way, you will save lots of time and get more reliable information on the distributors.

George Tho is a webmaster and reviewer of online services. Read his review on an online listing with a database of over 4000 suppliers of different products that has been reviewed by its staff and members together with a lively forum filled with retailers that will help you find reliable wholesale tool distributors here.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/998817

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