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Water Bottle Koozies As Halloween Novelty Gifts

Most people consider koozies something that are used for beer or soda only and are used on cans. Although perhaps the origination of the beer huggers might have been for these purposes, these days there are many more uses, as well as products for things other than the canned beverage. We wish to go into some details about ways in which using these items can be price effective and a real hit to your party guests.

Right now they actually sell something called slip on bottle koozies. Basically, they are used for water bottles or other bottled beverages. They are tall and slim and have a fairly large area for customized printing. As the title of these states, they are slip on, which means there is no actual top or bottom. You just slip them up the bottle.

There are also closed bottom water bottle koozies. They have the same dimensions as the ones listed above; however, there is a bottom to it, which means you must place your drink inside the sleeve, instead of slipping it on.

Let's take a few ways in which you can use slip on or water bottle koozies.

1. You are having a Halloween party for your children and a bunch of their friends. Why not purchase orange and black koozies with black text on the orange ones and orange text on the black ones. You could put scary ghosts or a witch's hat, maybe even place a scared cat or Dracula on it. You could then place your child's name and the date of the party on the front or back, with a cute saying.

2. You are having a Christmas celebration at your home. You could easily order green or red water bottle koozies and place a graphic such as a Christmas tree, Santa clause, a reindeer, or presents. Then put whatever text you want using metallic ink on it. If you did not want to use it for water bottles, you could even fill it with candy kisses, or other candies or goodies.

3. Let us say you are having a fund-raising event for your church. You could order classy slip on koozies and place bottle water inside. Sell them with the bottled water, and have them already chilled, they are sure to help raise funds.

These of course are just three ideas, but you should fully understand the versatility of slip on koozies and how they are just not made to be used on a can and only for beer.

Why not give your guests fabulous slip on koozies at your next party. Use them as water bottle koozies or on any other bottled beverage. These are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Visit drinkoutloud.com for more information on these fantastic and inexpensive gifts.

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