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Promotional Water Bottles: How Do They Work As Promotional Items?

It's hard to remember when plastic water bottles weren't around, whether in the gym, on the hiking trail, at sporting events, or in the park. Look in your kitchen cabinets and you probably have one, its body printed with a company's logo and contact information. That's because companies have long regarded reusable water bottles as great promotional items. But do they really work?

At first glace, the idea that a drink container could increase a company's sales sounds zany. But small promo items do just that: present a company's information to as many people as possible, particularly customers and decision makers at potential client companies, in the name of drumming up more business. To determine whether an item will have its intended effect, it's best to examine it using the four criteria that predict most items' success or lack thereof: advertising space in terms of product scale, usability, appeal and longevity.

Advertising Space

Promotional water bottles offer excellent advertising space in terms of product scale, with their entire container portion available for your logo and contact information, allowing them to be printed in more than one place so they get seen from all angles. In addition to containing good advertising space, the bottles' also offer fair visibility, being noticeable from across the room, a trait that increases the number of people who see your logo.


The bottles' usability is somewhat contextual, with hiking trips, trips to the gym, road trips, sporting events, and walks in the park being common example of situations where they're used. The only problem, of course, is that your bottles need to get in the hands of people who prefer reusable drink containers to pre-packaged beverages. Due to this consideration, the containers project to have average usability.


The bottles' appeal is closely linked with their usability. If people don't like to use them, then they've really no appeal. Due to their utilitarian design and function, it's difficult to spruce them up and make them more "appealing" than they are in the first place, making it best to consult with a professional seller of promotional products about whether drink containers would be a good fit with your company's general clientele and/or potential new clients.


After average scores for usability and appeal, the bottles score a knockout in the longevity category. Made of tough plastic, they practically never die. In fact, your logo and contact info are likely to rub off before the containers see the wastebasket. With such great longevity, the containers have a longer period of time over which they could be used than most products, a fact that, in itself, makes them worth adding to your promotional product line up.

In my research on promotional items, I've studied the value of custom water bottles.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5792830

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