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Custom Water Bottles: Do They Get Potential Clients' Attention?

In advertising, thinking simple can be as valuable as thinking in depth, especially when you need to cut advertising costs. For many companies, advertising on a budget doesn't entail new solutions; it entails revisiting old solutions with new insight, such as advertising with promotional products. The promotional products industry generates billions of dollars annually, and the reason is simple: promotional products-also known as corporate giveaways-actually work.

According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), a research organization started in support of the international promotional products industry in 1904, 76% of people that receive giveaways remember the products' information, and trade booths that feature at least one giveaway are 50% more likely to be visited than booths that feature none. PPAI's statistics reveal the efficacy of giveaways. But the concern remains about whether some giveaways are more effective than others, a consideration that varies based on a company's culture and the culture of its potential clients. There are, however, some principles for choosing effective items that remain the same in each case, particularly: the more use an item will receive, the better; and the more advertising space an item features, the better.

Ideally, a company chooses items that its potential clients will use regularly, and that prominently feature its advertisement in an attractive fashion, a fusion that few items actually achieve. For example, an ink pen receives high use in office settings, but its advertising space is minimal, while larger items that boldly advertise logos and contact information often exhibit poor aesthetics according to scale, with the advertisement overwhelming the item instead of complimenting it. There are, however, some giveaways that typically synergize usability and good aesthetics, such as custom water bottles.

Are Custom Water Bottles Good Promo Items for All Companies?

In addition to being highly usable and offering good advertising space according to scale, water bottles also have the advantage of suggesting something positive: the value of healthy living, a quality that many giveaways lack. With more companies encouraging healthy living by implementing in house workout centers for employees, water bottles have more than a place in corporate advertising campaigns; they also have a niche in many companies' corporate culture.

For some companies, choosing a giveaway that makes an impact means choosing something novel, even outlandish, while for others it amounts to choosing something that syncs with potential clients' corporate culture. Both types of giveaways can be effective, but it's important to remember that there's a difference between a memorable item and an item that makes your company memorable. More often than not, a custom water bottle, as opposed to, say, a gimmick item such as a desktop microwave, is the best way to achieve the latter on a consistent basis.

In my research on promotional water bottles, I've studied the value of logo imprinted water bottles as corporate giveaway items

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5671813

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