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Eco Friendly Water Bottles - Why You Need to Use Them and What's in it For You

A little while ago I decided to have a paddle up a local creek in my kayak. What l found disturbed me. There l was enjoying the water, birds and trees, then, rounding a bend and under a bridge it hit me...No longer was l gliding through water but found myself plowing through hundreds of plastic water bottles! They were everywhere--on the banks, in the water, caught up in trees..a real mess. It got me thinking. What happens to all of that plastic. It doesn't break down and assimilate into the soil, it just continues.

And that is the problem.

Even if they were fished out of the creek, and I'm not suggesting they shouldn't be, most of those bottles will still end up as landfill, contaminating the soil. So--are plastic water bottles eco friendly?--no!

What to do:

The obvious answer is to limit the use of plastic water containers. Better yet, use eco friendly water bottles--refillable glass or metal ones, instead. Many would argue that the taste and quality of the refilling source--the tap, is poor--and I they are right.

The way community water is treated is a disgrace.

While many of the harmful organic organisms are 'bleached' out, chemicals and other nasties are left in. These toxins include: chlorine, lead, chemicals that get into the water supply from large farming run offs, and corporate pollution.

If you are thing that bottled water is a solution consider this: bottled water quality may not be any better than tap water for the simple reason that there is a lack of government standards in this area.

The solution:

Ok, I'm not here to shove 'social responsibility' down your throats. (Mind you, I would have a few quiet words if I saw you throwing a water bottle into my creek).

But, knowing what havoc our modern society is having on the earth's soil and water, I'm sure you may be inclined to make a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle to make for a healthier life for yourself, your family and all of mankind, for this and for generations to come.

As with most things, there is a choice: the type of water bottle you use and the water it gets filled with. The first is easy as there are a number of manufacturers that make good eco friendly water bottles. Filling your bottle from the tap fitted with a purifier, is the most convenient way to get good quality water.

But which type of filter?

The best ones employ multi-filtration, whereby, the worst toxic offenders are filtered out, and are reasonably priced.

The best ones employ multi-filtration whereby, the worst toxic offenders are filtered out, and are reasonably priced. Also consider the opinions and findings of users and testers when making your choice.

Now, I don't go along with the "you are what you eat" school of thought but, your body certainly likes good things put into it. Good water is a must.

Douglas Jack recognizes the importance of good clean water for human use. Aquasana is a company leader in the field of water filtration. [http://www.clean-filtered-water-site.com/]

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2662410

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