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Why Custom Water Bottles Are An Excellent Way To Promote Your Brand

Customized water bottles featuring your logo or branding are an excellent idea for a promotional giveaway item that will fit in well with almost any event or situation that you can think of. These days pretty much everyone uses a reusable water bottle, not just for going to the gym but also to carry water with them on a day to day basis wherever they are going. A growing number of people take water to work, when out walking and even when running errands. When you put your brand on their water bottle you are guaranteeing some extra exposure for your company. Let's take a look at some of the main reasons why custom water bottles are a great tool in your marketing arsenal.

Increasing Your Brand's Visibility

As touched on above, handing out some customized H2O bottles can help to increase your visibility simply by getting your name and/or logo in front of as many people as possible. Even if we consider only the person who ends up receiving your water bottle. If they use that bottle every day - and most people will refill it once or twice a day - then they are seeing your name all day every day. That alone is going to keep you at the front of their minds without them ever realizing it! Then if you consider where they will take their water bottle then you are increasing your captive audience by hundreds of people! It is unlikely that the individual will only use the bottle at home, so think about how many people will see them using it at the gym, in the office, in the park or anywhere else they may be in need of hydration! When you consider this you will realise how important it is to choose a water bottle that looks great and really stands out! Have fun with color!

Build Your Reputation as a Caring Company

Branded water bottles also present you with a unique opportunity to build your reputation in your own community. If there are local sporting events or festivals where people may enjoy a cool drink then you could offer to act as a sponsor for that event and hand out your bottles filled with cool water. This is not only a great opportunity to distribute your items to a wider audience, but it also presents you as a caring business which is active in the local community. This is something that is very important to many consumers. Many people are more likely to business with you than your competitor if they remember you supporting a local event.

There are many different reasons why you should promote your brand with a custom water bottle including the increased visibility that your company will enjoy when people are using the item in public. The key is to find a reputable promo drinkware company who will be able to provide you with a quality product to hand out.

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