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Cycling Water Bottle - The Environmental Drinking Gear

Contrary to what its name might imply, a cycling water bottle is not actually just for cyclists or sport enthusiasts. The title of this kind of drinking bottle has is simply derived from its functionality and line of features. For example, its slick and portable shape makes it be able to be brought along by cyclists. Also, its retractable drinking socket makes it easy and convenient for cyclists to rehydrate even while they are in the middle of a pedaling. But, just as I've mentioned, this kind of drinking bottle is not just what its name suggests.

The portability of a cycling water bottle makes it a good choice for explorers and travelers, or even for daily usage of people going about their business. Students, for instance, bring this kind of bottle with them to school in case they grow thirsty during and between classes. But not only that, as many environmentalist individuals and groups out there are recommending people to use this kind of water bottles due to their eco-friendly advantages. What are these?

1. Unlike the common drinking bottle that we know of, these cyclists drinking bottle are not disposable. So after you consume all its content, you simply keep it in your bag and reuse it again the next time. This prevents the growing rate of plastic bottles being dumped all over the world, which can be very heavy pollutants for both land and marine ecosystems.

2. Some subtypes of this cycling water bottle are made primarily to help the environment further. The aluminum water bottles in particular are made from recycled collected aluminum material. And don't belittle this gear, because it is lighter and more durable compared to other plastic types.

3. Most important of all, these cycling water bottles are over-all safer for your health. Some of them are actually made with built-in water purifiers. Meaning, you no longer have to worry about catching bacteria, virus, or any other disease-causing elements when drinking water out of your home.

To top it all off, did you know that some of these drinking bottles are made with insulating capabilities? They could keep your dink cool even for a long period of time! Isn't this one of the things you wish your drinking bottle could be? So, why bother buying bottled water, when you can do more for our environment and for yourself just by using a cycling waster bottle?

If you are wanting to get a drinking bottle that is both functional and well designed then why not get a cycling water bottle [http://cyclingwaterbottle.net/] To take a look at some of the water bottles currently on the market, take a look at this site: [http://cyclingwaterbottle.net/]

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4308629

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