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Sport Water Bottles Can Be Ordered in Bulk to Save You Money

Sports water bottles are excellent tools for those who need to promote their business at outdoor events or sports tournaments. Because hydration is so important when moving around a lot of exercising, using bottles as a tool is extremely convenient. Not only can you draw additional attention to your booth through giving away bottles for free, you can also ensure that you provide your customers with a way to get water without having to pay for bottled water. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you wish to use water bottles as an advertising tool. First, not every bottle is created equal. A good quality bottle can be an expensive purchase, especially when you need to buy a lot of them.

Fortunately, bulk pricing is available for companies that wish to use sports water bottles as promotional tools. When you order a lot of the same item, manufacturers give bulk pricing as an option. This is due to the fact that once they meet a certain number of bottles, their costs of operation are defrayed enough that they can offer substantial discounts for bottles ordered over the threshold. However, this only applies for bottles within one order. For example, if you order one hundred bottles on Tuesday, and another four hundred on Wednesday, you cannot meet the five hundred bottle threshold. You would need to order all five hundred bottles on the same day. While you may have placed orders for the same bottles, manufacturers make and print the bottles in order they are received. That is why it is important that you meet the bulk order thresholds in one individual order.

In addition to checking out the bulk pricing options and limits, it is important that you account for the customizations that you want done on your sports water bottles. When you are using promotional items, the primary goal is to brand your business. Branding is the concept of making consumers aware of your product and services and establishing your company's name in their awareness. Doing this is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. With so many competitors for the same business, your brand is your reputation and the desire of people to use your services or products. Because of this, you need to keep people aware that you exist. In the case of water bottles, this involves putting your logo predominately on the bottle. When you give the bottles away, your customer will see the logo every time that they use the bottle. In addition to this, people around them will also see the bottle and the logo on it. If you have a high quality bottle, it is possible to spread your brand much further than the event where you gave them away. The more people that have the bottle, the further that your brand will spread.

When you hand out your sports water bottles, it is important that you try to give them to as many different people as possible. While selling the bottles can result in a profit, writing off the expense of the bottle may be much more valuable for you in the long run.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3518705

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