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Eco Friendly Water Bottle - Even a 5 Year Old Knows It's Benefits

Let me share a short story with you. It was a pleasant surprise for me. I never knew that a 5 year old would have so much of information about an eco friendly water bottle.

Few days back, I and my friends went out to trek a local hill nearby. I, being an active researcher in the field of water purification and eco friendly products, carried my home purified drinking water along and that too in my faithful stainless steel eco friendly water bottle.

While some of my friends were not carrying any water and decided to depend on bottled one; some were carrying their home purified water but in plastic bottles. This was not a surprise to me. Millions of people still are unaware about the hazards of drinking impure water as well as of using plastic bottles.

In the group of other people who came there to visit, there was this 5 year old girl. She had a minor slip and got hurt. Nothing serious - just a few scratches here and there. Everyone ran to help her out.

Now comes the shocking part.

When one of my friends offered her his bottled water - she politely refused and admitted drinking only home purified water. She knew it all. All about the hazardous contaminants present in tap water and also the fact that bottled water is nothing better than tap water.

Hearing this, when another friend offered her the water purified from his efficient purifier, she refused again and recommended him to use an eco friendly water bottle. She knew about the property of plastic leaching into the water and contaminating it.

I was deeply impressed and moved too. At least the future of our country seems to be in good hands - with some one who knows what is good not only for their health but also for the environment.

An eco friendly water bottle is the one made up from stainless steel or glass. They are the best way to keep the water safe from contamination caused by plastic. Moreover, they also help in ensuring low production of this non recyclable substance i.e. plastic.

What are you waiting for? Do not wait to hear all this from a 5 year old. Take the right action today and make sure that while going out you carry your home purified water along. Needless to remind that it has to be carried not in the harmful plastic bottles but use an eco friendly water bottle.

After all using an eco friendly water bottle is the minimal that we can do for saving our environment. If you need my help in recommending a high quality bottle to you, visit my website listed below.

Daniel Woods is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. He shares his research on his website - Water Purifier Home. If you want to know how to choose a water purifier, visit - http://www.waterpurifierhome.com and learn about the products our editors personally use and recommend.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3201187

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