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Getting a Good Water Bottle With Filter

There are many types of water bottle with filter to take your pick from. Many people look for different things, maybe you are looking for a filtered water bottle that could contain a larger quantity of water, or perhaps you just want a portable way to get constant pure water. Either way there are several options that you can take your pick from.

I came across a fantastic review of the different styles of water bottle with filter which you can take your pick from that are suitable to you which you can find more information at pro-reviewer.com. This should help you manage which of the items will be best for you.

There are 3 different types which have been looked at and they are ranked in what could be best for you.

The first item that is talked about is the pure water 2go twenty seven and sixteen fluid ounce bottles. I think that they are fantastic for sports fans and generally active people. They have a fantastic life which will supply 80 gallons of pure water.

while they are initially more expensive than buying a bottle of water, over the course of there life you will save a large amount of money as well as helping the environment.

I personally use the 27oz water bottle with filter as in my opinion I think it is the best for storing larger amounts of purified water. I think that the inbuilt level 2 filter is excellent quality and is superb at eliminating the smell and taste of chlorine that can be found in water in my work environment. You will also find that it is fantastic at removing all of the chalk in hard water areas.

Of course, there are obviously other choices. In my personal opinion, the best overall product is the aquasafe straw filter and also water bottle with filter. They do provide the best tasting water overall and they guarantee to remove 99.999% of all of the bacteria in the water and when you chill the water it is impossible to taste any difference between shop brought mineral water and the filtered water.

A great additional aspect of these filters is that they claim that the filter is good for eighteen months in the bottle and twelve months in the straw which is a fantastic life term for any type of filter. The review site has said that the only reason that they have been placed 3rd in the list is simply just because they are a new product and they are frequently out of stock which is frustrating. But if they are actually in stock then they are by far the best product.

So when you are looking for a good water bottle with filter or maybe even a straw style filter then you will find the review site will give you all the information that you will need and also more importantly shows you the cheapest places that you are able to get these filters from.

You can get the full review on finding a Water Bottle With Filter [http://pro-reviewer.com/6/water-bottle-with-filter/] Clicking the hyper link.

Hi I am Spencer Knight. I enjoy a lot of sporting activities and sometimes I do find that I go through a lot of bottled water in over small spaces of time, which is why I looked for a water bottle with filter, so that I could save money on buying countless bottles of mineral water.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3197132

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