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Use a Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Make a Fashion Statement, Save the Planet

Your beloved plastic water bottle is an enemy of the public health, probably a fugitive from a landfill. Do not remain its known associate, because you are guilty by association.

Leave the plastics behind. Turn the page. Turn over a new leaf. At home, store your purified water in glass and ceramic containers. Make similar changes on the road and trails. Of course, you cannot take glass or ceramic water containers to the gym, on the jogging trail and bike path. Once again, however, modern science and advanced technology have risen to the occasion, saving you and the environment with a shiny new metal bottle. Save the planet and the American economy with a new steel bottle.

You may not know just how much harm that innocuous-looking plastic bottle can inflict. Americans consume more than 4.5 billion plastic bottles of water each year, and barely 15% of those bottles make it to recycling. The remainder end-up in landfills, where they will last for approximately 500 years--slowly, steadily, unceasingly pumping phthalates, BHP, and PVC into the soil and ground water. All those toxic chemicals "leech" into your allegedly purified water, putting you at risk of endocrine problems and cancer. Clearly, in water bottles as in many other innocent-looking consumer products, disposable are dangerous.

You cannot know just how much you really-really want a metal bottle. No, this is not your old Boy Scout canteen with a slightly shinier finish. Crafted from a lightweight high-tech alloy, your new steel water bottle comes in a variety of fashion finishes and a whole bunch of genuinely cool and totally functional styles. Hardcore, die-hard, live-and-breathe-with-the-team fans can find their steel water bottle finished in team colors and emblazoned with the team's logo. Similarly hardcore professionals can find their steel water bottle imprinted with a professional emblem-doctors can find their snakey shields, firefighters can find their helmets and axes, and teachers will find a wide array of apples, schoolhouses, and crayons. Many high-fashion stainless steel water bottles come with their own little "cozies," so that water stays extra cool during long work-outs.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2941250

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