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Eco Friendly Water Bottles Are Winners - Good For You and Good For the Environment

What we need in our lives is more eco friendly water bottles, and less of the disposable ones that have become so popular. Not enough people recycle the plastic water bottles that they pick up from every grocery and convenience store across the country. This is leading to a buildup of these plastic bottles in our landfills that is reaching astronomical proportions.

The reason that so many  have made the switch to drinking from these prepackaged containers is that the state of our tap water system has gotten so bad, that there is no denying that it is no longer safe for us to drink from it. This is why it was easy for the slick marketing representatives at the bottling facilities to convince us that their products were the way to go.

One of the reasons that I say that we should simply consider using more eco friendly water bottles is  that in all honesty, the prepackaged water that we are drinking may not be any safer than tape water is.  Do not let the words pure and clean on the product labels fool you. Prepackaged drinking water is in most cases tap water, which has been filtered to remove chlorine and odor.

The regulating bodies have even set allowable limits for the same carcinogenic chemicals that are present in tap water. These limits are frequently surpassed, and recalls have been required where the level of a carcinogen was 15 times higher than it should have been.  You simply cannot trust something to be pure, unless you were the one that purified it.

The only way that you can guarantee that you are drinking the highest quality water possible, is to purchase a home water purification system and a set of eco friendly water bottles. You do not want to reuse any of the soft bottles that you may have left over from your days of buying prepackaged water.  There are cancer causing agents called phthalates, which leech off of these bottles over time.

I wouldn't advise the use of bottles made from hard plastic either, unless they are clearly marked "BPA Free". The reason that I don't care for the hard plastic bottles is that they can be broken, and therefore have to be either recycled, or discarded, and we've already covered the problems with allowing plastic to sit in the landfill.

What you should probably try are eco friendly water bottles that are made of stainless steel, and that have a chemical free liner. These types of containers are food grade, totally BPA free, and you can't accidentally break them. These are a wonderful accessory for your new high quality home water purification system.

These stainless steel containers make truly eco friendly water bottles. Forget about using plastic bottles which are predicted to take over a thousand years to degrade. You will find that if you follow my advice,  you will be helping to save the environment, and you will be preserving your good health by ensuring that what goes into your body is as pure as it can be. 

For free information on how to protect yourself from water contaminated with carcinogens, traces of drugs, hormones, parasites and other toxins click here Lauren Leddy is a consumer advocate and a dedicated researcher of health related issues. Visit her website now at http://www.safe-water-purifier.com and discover what she has learned that will help you select the very best water filtration system for your home or office.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2842280

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