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Metal Water Bottles - Understand Why You Need to Avoid Plastic Bottles

Why are brushed steel drinking bottles better than plastic drinking bottles?

It's evident that global pollution is becoming a severe worldwide phenomenon and several nations are trying their greatest to curb their air, noise and water pollution. Water pollution is really a severe scenario and its major reason will be the overuse of plastic drinking bottles.

Everyone needs to drink water frequently to maintain their body hydrated and in top condition. The water bottles that we store the water in is also an important factor that most people sadly do not pay correct attention to. Most individuals are unaware about the health hazards that can arise because of continuous use of plastic reusable bottles. On the other side, green items like stainless steel drinking bottles can provide healthy and safe water to drink on a normal basis without any kind of contamination.

A handful of the prominent health advantages of utilizing steel drinking bottles over plastic bottles are as follows.

1) These bottles do not include dangerous polycarbonates

Polycarbonate is a high efficiency plastic which is generally used in most cars, digital devices, sports equipment and construction materials. It's also utilized in the manufacturing of plastic drinking bottles. Now most of these reusable plastic water bottles contain harmful chemicals that will be detrimental for our well being.

On the other side, all types of steel water bottles are totally free from all types of polycarbonates. They are usually made up of green goods and food grade steel will be the major component of these bottles that is fully environment friendly.

2) Steel bottles are free from Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A (BPA) is the main component of polycarbonate and it is used in all plastic water bottles. Now the plastic material has the natural tendency of leaching chemicals in towards the water. This leaching is generally boosted due to the warm or boiling water. Following nearly 200 lab animal tests, it has been discovered out that even a slightest BPA exposure can produce serious neural, reproductive and developmental health concerns in human beings.

The primary health matters which have been linked with BPA exposure are weight problems, diabetes, cancer, hyperactivity, low sperm count, impaired female reproductively, prostate cancer, etc. On the other side, stainless steel drinking bottles are fully totally free from BPA materials and they don't include any harmful chemicals. In contrast to plastic water bottles, they don't interact or leach chemicals in towards the water and they are entirely chemical free and safe for our health.

3) They are highly dependable, durable, handy and friendly to the environment items

When compared to plastic bottles, steel water bottles are much more durable and simple to handle. They will not get dents or don't break effortlessly. These bottles are extremely portable and most of them have insulated material inside the bottle which can keep the water at the exact same temperature for longer period of time with out any degradation. They are also very simple to wash and clean when compared with plastic drinking bottles. The most important factor above all is brushed steel bottles are totally biodegradable and simple to recycle.

To learn more about steel water bottles visit EnviroBottles

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6640482

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