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Top 5 Filtered Water Bottles

A water bottle is more than a water bottle. You're going to find that sure, they all do the same thing where you can drink from them, but did you know that there are a lot more options?

Some of those options are going to include the following and many people skip over these options. If you're type that fills up their water bottle on a daily basis for work or something else, you may want to consider the other options that are listed down below.

  • BPA Free - Make sure that you get a BPA free bottle. BPA is the chemical found in plastics. If it is BPA, the company will note it on the front of the bottle packaging.
  • Ice Included - You can even get ice sticks in your bottle now. These will simply hang from your cap and you will freeze it. This is going to keep your liquids cold for a lot longer.
  • Insulation - Don't you hate it when your drink gets really cold? When you have an insulated bottle, you're going to find that you can keep it chilled. Add the ice option on top of it and you will never have a cold drink again!
There are other options that you can choose from as well such as a cap that can go on top, as well as a collapsible interface, where you can collapse your bottle. This makes for great storage, if you don't feel like carrying it around all the time.

Now, I would recommend that you look into a filtered water bottle. This type of bottle is going to do all the filtering for you. You simply throw your water in and the filter will be able to filter through hundreds of gallons, removing about 99% of the all chemicals in it.

Below is a list of the top 5 water bottles that I highly recommend for those looking for a filtered based bottle...

  1. Power Filter Water Bottle (around $10)
  2. Bobble Reusable Filter Bottle (around $10)
  3. Clear2Go Bottle with Filter (around $20)
  4. New Wave Corn Based Filter Bottle (around $8)
  5. Fit and Fresh Filtration Bottle (around $9)
The prices are going to range and each bottle can do it's own thing. Many of the companies above have fantastic reviews from many people online.

If you want the links to all of these water bottles, I have a top list with price tags, as well as more brands. Find a filtered water bottle that will fit your needs!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4522700

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