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A Sports Water Bottle Must Be Carefully Chosen For Your Marketing Campaign

Your sports water bottle is one of your most important pieces of equipment if you are planning on participating in any sports or if you wish to get in shape at the gym. While it is common knowledge that you need to drink a surprising amount of water in order to function properly, it is not so common a knowledge of just how important hydration is during exercise. When you play in sports or work out at the gym, your body consumes calories and moisture to keep all parts of your body functioning properly. Because of the fast rate which your body consumes water, you need to replenish the moisture as you use it. If you do not, you may find your body not performing nearly as well as you hoped. However, picking the right type of bottle for your needs can be tricky.

While many people settle for whatever sports water bottle they happen to come across, picking a bottle that fits your needs is important. If you are at the gym or play a sport where you can sit at a bench when you are not actively playing, then chances are you need a bottle that has a screw cap that can be tightly sealed. However, if you are a cyclist, you need a bottle that is easily accessed, such as one with a flip top lid. Unfortunately, both types of lids come with their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you decide and weigh which type best suits your needs.

Just having a good sports water bottle is not sufficient to maintain your health while you exercise or play sports. The bottle does you no good if you do not drink from it. However, when you are exercising, you want to avoid drinking cold water. Let the water in your bottle warm up to air temperature. This is important, as drinking cold water when you are hot and tired from exertion can actually lower your performance and cause discomfort. On the other hand, when you are exercising in cold weather, an insulated bottle that can keep your liquids warm is necessary. Make certain you pick a bottle that matches the conditions you are exercising in. If you are playing outside in the winter, an insulated bottle that can keep warmed water will be much better for you that a plastic bottle that allows the water to quickly freeze.

If you need a sports water bottle but do not know where to start in finding one, there are some options that you can take advantage of. When you participate in sports tournaments or go to outdoor events, keep an eye out for companies giving away free water bottles. These bottles are an excellent way for you to establish which bottles best fir your needs. As the bottles are free for you, you can use them and recycle them without any guilt if you do not like the bottle. However, as companies wish for you to keep their bottles, you will often get high quality bottles that you may not be willing to otherwise pay for.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3518687

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