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How to Verify Reliable China Suppliers?

How to verify reliable China Suppliers? I had been asked this question for many times. This article tells you all about How To Verify China Suppliers when starting an import export business with China.


Things You'll Need

    You need distributing connection and know where to sell in your country before importing procedure.

    Initial info of price margin between China and your local market.


        1 Introductions, Referrals and Word-of-Mouth Recommendations.
            People are doing business with those they know, specially for their international business. Same as you are seeking a job in job marketing, referral and network is the most successful way people get hired. You need to research as much as you can, find out anyone you know and ask them if they have reliable connections in China and doing well in China. This is the Number One way for paying less on your learning curve when started and getting less risk taken.

        2 Go to internet and browse www.globalsources.com if you do not have any relationship or connections in China.

        It's headquarter is based in Hong Kong and it has 44 branch offices located in mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore. It has been running import export media business for over 36 years. You can start researching there, it would consume you a lot of time, but it's relatively safe and less risky because the suppliers must pay expensive fee to be a Global Sources member. Another words, suppliers select to pay high fee because they are seriously about their business.

        3 Go to www.alibaba.com and www.made-in-china.com if you are not a volume importer.

        These B2B trade leading websites are getting better and better on their online services. Search the products being offered and send them emails, ask them anything you want to know, such process would let you get an idea of who you trust. Keep in mind, this web site based on free membership, everyone can post their items to sell or buy even without any products in their hands, so the risk is relatively higher.

        4 Through correspondences and phone call to verify your suppliers.

        Contact your supplier through correspondences or emails, or call them directly if you can speak Chinese. If not, it doesn't matter, most of the suppliers have their staffs to deal with the language problem.

        Let's say, you want them to offer you a price for ( xyz - your product) on a 20 feet's container at FOB South China, a reliable supplier would ask you more detail about xyz's product before offering the price including xyz's description, specification, packing condition, payment method, delivery time, etc. Because all these factors would affect the price, the price offering is the most serious process and also the final transaction process. Go through this procedure you can feel and touch the suppliers and know how good they are. If the seller promise whatever you want, or the price they offered is too low than average, this is most likely fraudsters. Just ignore and go to next.

        5 Face to face meet with your suppliers and establish personal relationships with them.

        After you find some of satisfied suppliers, invest a few thousands to make a trip to China, visit China Suppliers factories, face to face to discuss further detail about your products including price, payment term, quality inspection, delivery time etc.

        6 Meet China Suppliers at Trade Show.

        Go to http://tradeshow.globalsources.com/TRADESHOW/TRADESHOW.HTM where
        you can find China Sourcing Fairs based at one year's schedule and you can find specific types of products you are interested in.

        Usually the trade show would take 3 to 7 days from beginning to the end. But to the exhibitioners, preparing a trade show would take at least two weeks, some of companies would take a month to get things done, it all depends on how many products on display at their specific trade show. At most percentage, these manufacturers or agents are reliable and seriously to their business, you won't go wrong if you find your overseas partners there. Once you've found the supplier or product you like, you can start to plan a trip to China and go further.

Tips & Warnings

    People go to website, hoping to get a good guy and wishing to conclude a business there. Unfortunately many of them lose money and lose time, this is a big risk taken. Keep in mind, no matter where you are, and what size of product you buy, what volume you import, Meeting your suppliers, Face to Face talk with them, this is the only effective way you can verify your China Suppliers.

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_2237628_verify-reliable-china-suppliers.html

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