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Buying Wholesale - Up to 75% Off RRP - Find Out Where

Ever wanted to operate your very own wholesale business, buying designer clothing, consoles, ipods, cameras, television sets, novelty items and other countless hot selling consumer durables that people just can't resist? After all, we do live in an age where people are easily seduced by gadgets and designer labels. Well, it's possible. In fact, relatively easy, that is if you can find those wholesalers and dropshippers who sell at low prices that we all look for, but fail at the end. That's where a simple, established and easy to use wholesale directory comes into essential play. It's those popular directories where today's hot eBay Powersellers and Amazon giants are getting their suppliers from. However, there are a number of wholesale and dropship directories out there, the question is, which one do you go for?

Any truly successful online retailer will reveal to you that the secret to their success lies behind their supplier list. Those are the 'golden sources' where retailers buy their stock at dirt cheap prices, or wholesale prices. It's not uncommon to hear people buying stock at 30% - 50% below retail prices. So reselling is clearly very lucrative. Wholesalers are very bad at one thing, advertising! They are too busy with production and distribution, they rarely ever focus on hard advertising, and that's why it's so difficult to find them sometimes. The 'best' place to find those wholesale sources are from established wholesale directories. A good one is never free, but the costs are minimal especially when considering you will have access to real wholesalers that sell hot consumer goods at unbelievably cheap prices.

Locating the best wholesale and dropship directory can be like finding a needle in a haystack for some. I'm not surprised with the number of so called 'genuine' directories are popping up these days. Scam websites are very easy to set-up, and unfortunately many fraudsters fake themselves out to look like wholesale directories when in fact they aren't. They turn out to be promoting their own 'middle-men' wholesale businesses that supposedly sell at profitable mark-ups leaving room for profit to be made. They take your money and when you ask for a little support, they're nowhere to be found, and you can forget your moneyback guarantee!

When I started out two years ago with wholesaling and dropshipping business, that by the way was extremely profitable, solely because I had several genuine wholesalers where I got fantastic deals and prices for my products, I made sure to join a wholesale and dropshipping directory. This alone saved me weeks of research and a heck of a lot of money since I was literally spoon-fed with a list of suitable suppliers all stocking the products I was interested in. The wholesale directory I joined was absolutely brilliant, since they offered regular support and even had a forum where I learnt so many 'trade secrets'. Had I not joined the 'right' wholesaling and dropshipping directory, I would not have a profitable eCommerce business. So, always read reviews of the best online wholesale and dropship directories, as it will save you a lot of time, paid and anguish.

Jack Cardell is an established author of several well-known wholesale guides and a successful eCommerce Entrepreneur. He is a respected member and reviewer of top wholesale directories. One of the most highly established and recommended directory can be discovered from the salehoo review. With a growing empire, Jack Cardell is now devoting a lot of time to teaching and helping others success in retailing and eCommerce. It is highly recommended you read wholesale directory reviews to get the insider's information for Free!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1203836

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