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Drop Shipping--The Easy Way to Profit From Wholesale

One of the easiest ways to make a profit through wholesale is to align yourself with a drop ship wholesaler.

I have been doing business with a company for the past nine months. I am very satisfied with the results. The main points of satisfaction are that they have quality products, and usually ship by the next day of the order being placed. They ship by Fedex, and the shipping rates are reasonable.

The first thing you do is set up an online store. This store is purchased through them, and it is pre-stocked with their products. This is not a monthly fee. The first step is to pick a name from what they have available, or use your own store name, that you register as a domain. The support does not stop there. The administration area gives good information, and many "how-to's" on how to set up the store.

Some of the points that I like are:

1. When a package is sent the name of your store, like One Stop Gifts

Shop is on the shipping label, but with their address.

2. You can delete any items you do not want to carry in the store.

3. You can decide on the markup you want for the price.

4. There is an eBay form that can be used to sell on ebay.

5. A phone number and several email addresses are provided for order support and questions.

6. You can get some good deals at the wholesale price for yourself.

7. You are given guidance on how to promote your store, and how to have affiliate advertising on the site.

8. You can add your own pages, either from affiliates, or your own products.

9. If someone orders directly from your site, you do not even touch the product, it is shipped directly to them.

10. You are given the customer's information, and a tracking # so you can check on the order, if there seems to be a problem.

In the past I had signed up with a free store. I got the store, but that was it. There was no way to contact them, I could not make any decisions with the store, and there was not an explanation on promoting the store.

Another way to make a profit through wholesale, is to get your state's tax resale number. This is for the U.S., I do not know the procedure in other countries. Then you can look in your area for companies, and products you would like to sell, and purchase them wholesale. The drawback to this is that most companies require you to purchase in bulk. Also, check out companies online that sell wholesale, but check them out first to know if you are truly getting wholesale, and what the requirements they have set up.

Still, the easiest way, with no product to purchase is by aligning with a good drop ship wholesaler. Nothing can beat not having to pay ahead, or hold the inventory of a product. Plus the hassle you save with the product being shipped for your company, is well worth it.

Kathleen Couch who also goes by the pen name of Purple Leaf has written a variety of articles. She has gained expertise in many areas by having rich and fulfilling life experiences. You may read more of her articles at this site: http://www.helium.com/user/show/32788 Resource for this article: http://www.onestopgiftsshop.com After going to this site, click on one of the banners or buttons advertising getting your own store.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/440123

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