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Wholesale Supplier - Some of the Common Traits of the Fake Wholesale Suppliers!

As the economic crisis drowns the world with lay offs,everyone wants to find means and ways to earn money to add to their financial stability.The easiest way to do so is through drop shipping as a lot of up front payment is not required in it.

Advantages of Drop Shipping:

- You do not need a room to store your products

- No hassle of handling and delivering

- No need to have a lot of investment money to purchase the huge quantity of inventory!

Any real wholesaler will deliver any product for you,directly to your customer from their warehouse.Also before even delivering the product, the customer will pay you!

This is just a great business setup and it easily attracts many people to selling online,but at the same time it also attracts a lot of people who want to play fake and fool you while you think that these people are wholesale suppliers! Here are some common traits of the fake wholesale suppliers.

1. If your wholesale supplier is offering all the products at one place,with nice glossy pictures and saying that it is ready for you to sell.

2. If they are going to drop ship all your products from that one place.

3. If they make themselves look really attractive by portraying themselves in such a way that you think that you are getting ever thing from one roof.

4. If they charge you a yearly or monthly processing fee through wire transfer, that is, no refunds!

5. If you end up wasting your time by promoting products and waiting for the profit to start coming in but instead, you get absolutely nothing!

So if you notice these traits in your wholesale suppliers, walk away immediately.If you do end up getting a few orders,do not consider yourself very lucky because you will waste a lot of money in search of profits that seem easy.You will be buying some domains and hosting on the way and will have to pay for the memberships etc,that itself is about $500! The truth is,If this has happened to you,you have gotten yourself into the most popular scams that exist online!

The biggest problem is finding the real wholesaler suppliers as they do not advertise,because they know, that if they do advertise, they will get calls of every possible scam in the universe! Also any and every one who wants to sell online will try contacting them.The real wholesale suppliers always advertise themselves through wholesale directories like Salehoo Online Directory or Worldwide Brand Directory etc.

Do not get scammed, If you see any of the above traits in the wholesale supplier you were about to contact,stop right there.Find your suppliers through proper directories like Salehoo. 

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