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Promotional USB Flash Drives - Buyer Beware

When you think of the promotional USB flash drive industry what words come to mind? Deception, scandal, fraud? I am guessing no. However, for those looking to purchase customized USB drives those words may be closer to your reality than you think. Buyer beware, this is a perilous industry.

The majority of USB drives come from China. Virtually no USB Wholesaler carries inventory. This means that they never physically see your product. Therefore, quality control is a serious issue and the possibility of receiving defective flash drives is pretty high. Below are some of the more common mistakes that wholesale USB consumers make and some advice that will help you avert these pitfalls:

Penny Saver #1: Saving $100 can cost you $1000's! Do not put your brand in the hands of an untrustworthy USB provider.

Problem #1: Buying low quality wholesale USB's can ruin your professional credibility! 90% of USB horror stories start right here.

Imagine if a company that you were going to trust with your time & money gave you a broken USB. You might think, '"if this guy cut corners on a USB order, he will probably cut corners when dealing with my account as well."

Bottom Line #1: Your company name is on the USB drive. They know who gave them that cheap USB that shorted out in the middle of their presentation.

Solution #1: Work with a Grade A flash drive distributor. For example, at USB Wholesaler their flash drives do not leave their factory until each of the drives has been hand-tested. They use gold Standard, Grade A memory chips in all of their USB flash drives.

This means that your drives will have a less than 1% failure rate and a full and a full one-year warranty. Most importantly, it means that your client's branded USB flash drive will actually work. What a concept huh?

Penny Saver #2: Would you buy a generic TV that worked 40% of the time because it was 5% cheaper than the Samsung with a warranty? Good because you don't have to.

Problem #2: Grade A wholesale flash drives are more expensive than Grades B And C because they are worth it. At the same time, all of our wallets are a little tight these days.

Bottom Line #2: Don't buy USB's if your budget cannot afford you Grade A USB drives.

Solution #2: Ask a Grade A USB Wholesaler for a price-match. You can't buy a Ferrari for the price of a Pinto. However, most USB Wholesaler's will drop their prices a few ticks so you can have Grade A USB drives that actually work and so they can make the sale.

Penny Saver #3: Don't believe everything that you read. How long have you been hearing that? Hopefully long enough to listen.

Problem #3: Many USB providers claim to be 'Grade A USB Providers'. Additionally, most businesses today have testimonials coming out of their ears. How do you know who is telling the truth and who is lying through their teeth?

Bottom Line #3: Many USB providers are not providing Grade A memory despite their claims. Most promotional companies don't specialize in USB's. Simply put, they have no idea what grade memory they are selling you. USB Wholesaler, LLC reported that 14 of their clients that have converted to USB Wholesaler after getting ripped off by USB providers selling Grade B and C USB drives while claiming to be Grade A distributors.

Solution#3: Cross your t's and dot your i's. Make sure that you are working with a Grade A USB Wholesaler. Ask the USB provider how long they have been in the industry, if they guaranty their products, how many repeat clients they have and to speak with the person in charge of purchasing. Bulk USB orders cost thousands of dollars. Sure these are just little promotional items that we are talking about, but the potential for an uninformed USB buyer to lose thousands is substantial.

Bryce Anderson has extensive experience in the wholesale USB industry. For more information on customized wholesale USB's, visit USB Wholesaler.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5272645

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