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How To Use Packaging To Promote Your Business

What's the use of having a great product, price, advertising campaign, and other elements of a marketing mix that work wonders for a marketer but that lacks good packaging and aesthetic appeal? Packaging is as important an element of the promotional mix as pricing, features, etc.

Packaging in itself consists of various factors that can help a marketer sell the product. In fact, many marketers understand the importance of packaging as it directly influences interest in the mind of a buyer and induces him or her to try out the product outside his or her normal buying pattern.

The packaging of a product can work wonders for the business by promoting the product through word of mouth, visual display of product, shelf promotion, etc.

Proper planning of packaging gives the product an aesthetic appeal, use of colors makes it attractive and shape may give it a curiosity factor. Safety and security of the product are concerns as well.

Packaging of a product will provide the marketer with an opportunity to present a way to capture a costumer's attention. The product in itself may be of the best quality with the latest features and made available at the best price possible, but if sold without good, attractive packaging it may result in disaster for the company.

Some simple tips to include in the packaging of a product include the right packaging material, sustainability, vendor management for packaging, technology used, etc.

With growing awareness of green products among consumers, issues of manufacturers using the right packaging material has taken center stage.

What's the use of providing customers with an environmentally friendly product in hazardous packaging?

Use colors that appeal to the target audience are culturally and morally acceptable and induce interest in the mind of a buyer. Color plays a very important role in packaging. It helps generate interest in the mind of buyer and gathers a lot of attention through its visual appeal. Many manufacturers use bright colors to induce buyers to have a look, some use transparent packaging to show the customers what's inside the packing, and some use colors that go with their company logo.

For packaging to be effective, it has to be unique. It should differentiate itself from the competition and provide an edge over similar products available in the market using cost-effective methods.

To understand packaging and its complexities, a manufacturer should understand a typical consumer mind-set. Yes, every individual has different tastes, likes, and dislikes, but an overall view in a broader perspective makes it easy to understand which type of packaging should be used for what product. It's important to understand what a consumer wants from the product, the kind of features it provides, and its appeal.

Effective packaging induces interest in the brand. This can be done by providing some value added through packaging. For example, an FMCG company manufacturing instant food items provided new recipes on the packaging, adding value to the product and its brand image. Effective packaging can help the overall brand image of the company by breaking through the many other options available on the shelf these days.

Promotional packaging has gained a lot of attention amongst manufacturers and consumers alike. Various promotional campaigns are printed inside or outside on the packaging, clearly distinguished by using attractive color, fonts, or graphics. It helps manufacturers reach across the target audience effectively, and consumers benefit through such offers, contests, sales, or discounts.

Packaging of a product can be made more effective also through various tie-ins, which help the product reach more audience and generate brand awareness.

Packaging is the answer to a question about a product's value to a customer. Packaging will have to be interesting, unique, and beneficial to the customer.

Packaging has also changed over the years, where manufacturers used limited colors and graphics. Today, packaging is used in different ways to promote different product lines.

Direct mailing of samples or free items to potential customers, giving away free items along with a product, or using a mascot or celebrity to endorse a product, are way to effectively provide a good packaged product to customers.

Packaging a product in the right way essentially leads to building brand awareness, higher sales, and increased consumer confidence in the product, which contribute its life cycle.

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