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Promotional Plastic Bags - What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Promotional plastic bags have become one of the top advertisement methods used to successfully promote a business or service in the most cost-effective manner. Whether they are plastic, fabric or paper, customized promotional bags are perfect for customers when they leave your stores, carrying merchandise and food products, attend tradeshows, and go to food fairs.

If you do your research well, according to the trade group Film and Bag Federation, most people will grab plastic first. Economically and environmentally, plastic outweighs paper in many ways:

  • R approximately 94% less waterborne wastes than paper.
  • Consumes 40% less energy than paper.
  • Produces 70% less atmospheric emissions than paper.
  • Generate under 80% of solid waste.

Standard and reusable plastic bags cost one cent to make while paper bags costs four cents, which makes them ideal for advertising purposes. You can print your business logo on the size of the bag and drop in a small flyer with your latest specials, a piece of candy, discounts coupons, and so on. They're inexpensive, easy to produce, plentiful, sturdy and has about 80% of the food market wrapped up.

We have tons of white bags stuffed under our kitchen sink, lining bathroom trash cans, stuffing cow designed plastic bag holders, and carrying our kid's pajamas to their best friend's house to spend the night - with most of them containing a log to promote a business, service or activity somewhere.

With over a trillion promotional bags consumed every year on the planet, something is being promoted somewhere! Labeled as the cheapest form of advertisement available, promoting what is near and dear to your heart on a bag is actually considered quite American.

The plastic bag is more than a free white bag from Wal-Mart that we give to mom to line her weekly bathroom trash can. They are very diverse because of their different purposes - thick to carry heavy clothing, thin to cover dry clean clothing on a hanger, and average for the grocery store. The first plastic bag began in 1862 at the Great International Exhibition in London and was made from cellulose. But it was not until after World War I that it gained official notice as the plastic we recognize today.

Colored plastic bags for sale are available in addition to frosted or clear tints. Not all of these types of plastic are available locally, as the market may or may not allow for it. This is when shopping online comes in handy, allowing us to look for a much wider range of economical promotional plastic bags that are biodegradable and degradable, organic corn starch non-polyethylene plastic, and custom designed plastic.

The majority of businesses shop online due to the number of bags they use - promotional paper, gift, canvas, and messenger bags. You can easily find economical prices and a wide variety of types, colors and durability in the convenience of your office. With the cheapest prices and biggest range to choose from, you'd be mad to shop anywhere else!

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