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Promotional Items As Getaway Essentials

Some things never fail to invoke the inner traveler in us-bottled white sand from a beach in the Philippines; a map, perhaps; sunset photos from a country elsewhere. Promotional items that tap the adventurer in us are received happily. They allow us the chance to dream, to wish, to hope that one day soon we will be able to afford that getaway or have the time to spare.

One particular Australian T-shirt brand has the tagline, "It's summer somewhere," which truly makes sense.

If you're the owner or manager of a travel agency, a surf or beach shop, or a resort, who says you can't send out promotional items such as sunblock, a beach towel, or rubber slippers to clients and associates in the dead of winter? Who says anyone had to sulk just because they happened to be in the wrong location? If anything, these getaway-themed promotional items should be taken as symbolic of something to look forward to, literally like a ray of sunshine in dark skies.

The Good Life
Campaigns with beach or getaway themes are always popular because they encompass everything that's fun about life, says one promotional items supplier. They leave us with this warm, cheery feeling. It's an invite to celebrate life.

Popular resort-themed promotional items include beach towels, rubber slippers, sunblock, and tank tops invoke this fun feeling of the sun, sand, and sea. These promotional items usually come in bright, flashy colors for that summer look, enticing and inviting your recipients to savor the summer.

Certainly, the campaign to bring in sales doesn't end with promotional items. Service should always be on top of a resort or hotel's priority, and by that we mean they shouldn't forget to supply accommodations with custom-printed promotional items such notepads, ballpoint pens, soap, mini lotion and oil bottles, and sewing kits.

Resorts, hotels, and bed-and-breakfasts can also use promotional items as merchandise to gain a little profit on the side. Customized totes, key chains, beer and coffee mugs, charm bracelets, T-shirts, visors, refrigerator magnets, and sunglasses will always be profitable promotional items, especially for travelers who want to bring home a tangible piece of the memorable vacation back to the cold with them.

Of course, don't discount the fact that those traveling will also bringing children with them. Stuff your souvenir shop with children's T-shirts, coloring books, crayons, socks, slippers, hats and caps, dental travel sets, and other kiddie promotional items.

All-year-round travel essentials
However, says another promotional items manufacturer we talked to, you don't have to bleed that summer theme dry.

Consider giving out all-season marketing products such as luggage tags, foot spa essentials, travelers kits, totes, and passport holders once summer is over.

For campaigns targeting executives who are constantly on the go, you might want to send out giveaways like travel pillows, alarm clocks, garment bags, mini shoe polishing kits, maps, and pill cases. While most of their travel may not exactly be the kind of getaway they were envisioning, the idea of comfort on the road or on the plane will be much appreciated.

Celine Benjamin dispenses advice on promotional items, marketing, business, and new media. You can find her at http://blog.branders.com Visit Branders for more details.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1282918

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