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How To Give Away Promotional Gifts

Everybody loves getting things for free, especially if they are useful or brighten up a dreary home or office. A lot of companies use giveaways to help spread the word about their companies. There is a wide range available with everything from pens to lollipops that can be branded with your logo and contact details. With the right promotional gifts you can get more people coming to you.

In some ways it can seem counter productive. A lot of things cost money and surely by giving things away you are adding to your costs? How can people afford to do this and still maintain a profitable business? This is why you need to be clever and cunning when giving away free items.

One of the most obvious places to offer people free things is during trade fairs or business networking events. It is still important to have plenty of business cards and literature to hand in order to make sure people remember you. However it is also worth adding something a bit extra that means they look for your business card, rather than letting it fall to the bottom of their wallet.

A simple example of this is a pen with your logo and information on it. When someone is at a trade fair or business networking event they will inevitably want to write something down, whether it is to arrange a meeting or something to help them remember something someone has said to them in passing.

Giving them a pen is something useful. One of the most common complaints in homes and offices is a lack of pens. Ideally you should choose a pen with a distinct colour, such as one with gold engraving. This will be more distinctive, meaning that people are more likely to remember your business.

It is only logical that you then also include promotional stationery. If someone needs to write something down, it makes sense to have something to hand for them to write on. Ordering an equal amount of paper notepads with pens ensures that people are always reminded of your business.

Not all promotional gifts have to be practical. Another way of standing out is offering something interesting and fun. A puzzle game with your logo on it can be great fun. If someone is bringing their family to a trade fair you may want to offer it to their children to keep them entertained. Admittedly it can also help distract people during a stressful day at the office!

Another thing to consider with promotional gifts is what people will put them in. If your logo is on the bag that they use later on then it is more likely that they will remember the name of your company. An environmentally friendly jute bag is not only a great way of cutting carbon emissions but also offers a positive image for your company. It is worth checking online to start comparing companies online. Remember to allow extra time for delivery for any customized items!

Everybody loves receiving Promotional Gifts. T-shirts, golf balls, and pens are some of the most popular and effective Canada Promotional Products

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