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Should I Promote With Custom Baseballs?

If you are a small business owner, you understand how difficult it can be to stay visible in the marketplace. To move from "survive" to "thrive," you need an unforgettable marketing strategy. Printing your company's information on offices supplies and apparel is a smart and affordable way to impress consumers.

But have you ever considered advertising yourself on athletic gear?

Maybe you should, especially if you really consider just how many people are invested in the watching and playing of sports. Do you have a customer who enjoys playing golf on the weekends? Why not give him a golf shoe bag at your next meeting? Is your coworker in a soccer league? A personalized soccer ball would speak right to her heart.

Does your potential client hold World Series Tickets? At the end of your meeting, present him with a gift that not only piques his interest, but also leaves behind a favorable impression - the gift of custom baseballs.

Promote Yourself with America's Favorite Pastime

Nearly everyone - from the senior-level business manager to the high school student - recognizes baseball as America's favorite pastime. Why not take advantage of the sport's popularity with custom baseballs?

They're affordable; they're fun; and they can be designed according to your advertising needs. Just put your logo and contact information right on the ball. It's easy!

Think about all the markets you can reach with personalized baseballs.

  • You can sponsor a community little league team and give them to the spectators as souvenirs
  • You can show your appreciation to loyal clients by presenting them with custom baseballs
  • Give the product away at tradeshows and business conventions
  • Offer cheap baseballs as goodies at special events
  • Find a local charitable campaign and donate bulk baseballs to children in need

When it comes to advertising, if you can dream it, you can do it - with custom baseballs.

Order Wholesale Baseballs and Save

While investing in promotional items is an extremely wise business move, it also has the potential to cost your company money you can't afford to lose.

Be smart as you shop around. Keep your intended target in mind and find a product that will appeal to their interests and needs. Then, create a budget and go to work.

If you do choose to run with the baseball idea, here's a hint - most suppliers will offer discount baseballs when you buy in bulk, so when you order your products, make sure you purchase a large quantity at once.

What are you waiting for?

Strike out your competitors with custom baseballs

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