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Promotional Espresso Cups Will Move Your Business Forward

If the economy has you feeling like you are running backwards on the treadmill of business, then you need to find the best advertising and marketing medium available today. You need a medium that is low in cost, highly effective, and will reach a large audience all at the same time. What you need is promotional espresso cups. These cups will have your business running forward at a faster pace than any other form of advertising and marketing. This is because traditional forms of advertising and marketing are just too costly, not as effective, and aren't reaching the audience that businesses want and need.

They are simply outdated. We're talking about television and radio spots and newspaper ads. Television and radio commercials are just too expensive, costing thousands of dollars, and only run for 30 seconds at a time. Plus, people usually change the channel when the commercials come on. Newspaper ads are even less effective. They can cost hundreds of dollars, last for only a day or week at best, and people usually just throw them away without looking at them. Promotional items, like promotional espresso cups, on the other hand, are effective. Here's why.

With promotional espresso cups, you as a business owner have the ability to reach any target audience you wish. You can start by giving away the cups to your already existing customers to send them a "thank you for doing business with me" message. Your customers will certainly appreciate the gesture and will enjoy the espresso cups since everyone loves to drink coffee, especially in the office and in the mornings at home or after dinner.

The reason promotional espresso cups are so effective is that espresso is quickly becoming the number one coffee to drink. Nearly 52% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee every day. This represents over 100 million daily drinkers. 30 million American adults drink specialty coffee beverages daily; which includes espresso. If you give away promotional espresso cups, think about how many people you could reach. Think about the advertising and marketing potential. For every set of cups that you give away, especially if they are used in offices, you could potentially reach hundreds of people depending on the size of the office. Plus, promotional espresso cups are very inexpensive, especially when you buy them at wholesale prices. You want to find a promotional products company that have special deals and every day low prices.

Promotional espresso cups are an innovative way to retain your customers and reach new ones. Every time they take a sip of their espresso, they will think of your business. Branding for your company will naturally occur and you won't have to worry about the lagging economy. These cups are your answer to the negative changes in today's economy. They are a way to overcome these changes in a positive way and keep your business moving forward. So, get off of that backwards treadmill and start running forward into the future of your prosperous business with promotional espresso cups.

Kim is the author of Discountmugs.com. If you would like more information about Espresso Cups, please visit http://www.discountmugs.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2647724

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