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Top Tips For Buying Custom Promotional Items

So before we discussed choosing the right promotional product to maximize return and we showed why USB drives make such a great promotional item for that purpose, based off their visibility, functionality, and longevity. Then we talked about how to buy these products to get the best price by dealing with companies that are order getters instead of order takers, looking past page one on a search engine and asking for wholesale partnering. Now we'll take a look at buying custom USB drives that have a good price/quality balance so that you aren't getting either too expense or too poor quality USB drives.

Some background information about USB drives. As I said, USB flash drives have a primary component of a flash chip (what holds your data). These chips are traded on the open market and have a specific value that is based on market prices. This prices aren't negotiable. They are what the chip is worth. All other factors involved in the price of the drive are static and don't change.

So what does that mean to you? Imagine buying gold. Gold is priced based on the same conditions of supply and demand as has a set value based on market conditions. So you want to buy some gold and you find a five companies that will sell you gold at price A, which is what the market value is. But you find three other companies that want to sell you gold at price B that is significantly lower than price A. Naturally, that makes you suspicious of those companies and what they are trying to sell you. You know that it is not the gold that price A represents. They are selling a product that is inferior to the market priced product.

Flash drives are no different. Most reputable suppliers base their prices off market pricing (plus their profit margin - We're not in this for fun, you know). But you will find some suppliers offering you pricing that is way below market. Sounds great, right? Well probably not.

What these suppliers are selling you could be several different things:

  1. Inferior (rejected) chips - These chips could be something called Tier 3 chips, which means that only a portion of the chip work or they will not live very long. So the chip may be a 4GB chip but only 512MB work. The real problem with this is that computers can't tell the difference. The controller tells the computer that the drive is a 4GB drive. It has no idea that only 512MB of the chip is good. Not to mention there's no way that a computer can tell how long the chip will work.
  2. Partial chips - These are very similar to the scenario brought on by inferior chips. The chip was originally built to be one density but only a portion of the chip is functional. The manufacturer sells the chip at the functional density and sets up the controller to recognize the drive for what it is. So originally the drive is 4GB, but only 512MB work. The controller then says that the drive is 512MB and works just like a 512MB drive. These chips aren't "evil" as long as they are sold for what they are. For instance, if you are buying a new flash drive with a chip that is anything less than 512MB it has to be a partial. There is no such thing as a "new" 64MB, 128MB, or 256MB USB flash drive that is not a partial chip. There is no manufacturer that makes chips that low in density.
  3. No chip at all - What? No chip! How does the flash drive store data? It doesn't. Due to many buyers of promotional flash drives handing out the drives and never knowing whether they work or not, there are companies (bad ones, evil bad companies that make the rest of us look bad) that sell an empty case. I know of several companies that found a "deal" online, bought 5000 USB drives for a trade show, paid in full, received the "drives", gave them out at a tradeshow to countless people and then found out they didn't have anything in them. Good like trying to get a refund.

So be very careful when buying USB drives. Don't buy based off of price unless the price difference is within $.50 per drive. That's usually a good area that the company is charging for their profit margin. Buy from US suppliers. Remember to always call and talk to a sales rep first. Build a buying relationship. Ask a company what their failure rate is. If they can't provide you information that you ask for, then run.

Please don't hesitate to call us with any and all questions you might have. We will be happy to provide them along with references. Bizdrive (208)254-0188

When you are looking for a strong, professional, and reliable supplier of custom branded promotional USB drives, Bizdrive is where you need to go. Justin Throngard is Vice President of Bizdrive and wants to earn your business. Learn how Bizdrive will guarantee your satisfaction

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4588755

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