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Promotional Pedometers: Effective Tool for Fitness Related Campaigns

Technology entertains us and life has become more convenient and comfortable through it. We live in an extremely competitive world, where 'All work and no play' is its character. We've been too involved in our jobs that our health is often neglected.

'Health fitness' is the world's wake-up call! - After all, a hectic busy life is an inevitable thing in this modernized period coupled with the problem of obesity and other unhealthy lifestyle or diet. While the world is reviving its consciousness about health fitness, taking initiative as a promoter for healthy ways of living will bear 'enormous positive impacts' on your company. For this busy life, a device that's cost effective and easy to use will work miracles for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Promotional pedometers are effective devices for a fitness related campaign. Pedometers are those electronic devices that count a person's step by detecting the movement of the hips. It is widely used as an effective tool and motivator of exercise. Gifting this product as a 'corporate gift' would be welcomed as a 'valuable gift' by employees, clients, or customers. There are various types of pedometers and they come in different colors and shapes which can be customized to what will best suit your company. The various types of pedometers include solar pedometers, water-powered pedometers, heart rate and multifunction pedometers, badge pedometers, and more.


There is general understanding about the benefits of gifting promotional fitness tools to customers and associates. They make the recipients active, healthy and happy, thus, help increase the customer base through word of mouth.

The effectiveness of pedometer as a tool for fitness related campaigns are:

Large target:

With this promo tool, you can target huge group of audience because of its affordability since most suppliers offer wholesale pedometers in extensively discounted rates. This device does not have season. It can be used for your brand's marketing campaign round the year as the device can be used while spending time outside during summer and inside during winter. It is suitable for all kinds of people, be it gym goers or not.

Attractive rates and functionality:

The device comes in attractive and affordable rates. It assists in achieving fitness goals by providing steps measurement, calories burned and distance covered during exercise routine. Based on these factors of price and functionality and the benefits of the device, it is considered to be one of the most effective promotional products in the industry.


It doesn't really matter what industry your company belongs to. Pedometer, a fitness promotional product, would be a great tool to convey how much you care about your customers/associates' health. Staying in shape is the trend of today's lifestyle. Moreover, there are increasing cases of obesity and exercise is considered as a way that effectively enables good medical condition, thus, promoting exercise tools customized with your company's name will establish that your company cares for their welfare. This will establish positive image for your brand.

It is important to note that choosing the right kind of product is not enough. Choosing a good, reputed and quality supplier will help in ensuring the overall achievement of your promotional goal.

APD Promotions is one of the top companies in Sydney area, which provides a range of customized promotional products and eco-friendly promotional pedometers. In terms of bulk quantities, APD Promotions supply directly from factory, extending heavy discounts of up to 70%.

San Mishra is an internet marketing and content writer professional. Know more about promotional pedometers. For you to learn about how you can get more value in your purchase, call 1-300-795-APD or visit the website at http://www.apdpromotions.com.au

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8163321

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