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Wholesale Pens - Marking Its Way Up the Promotional Ladder

One of the first things we must consider when choosing the right promotional product is its functionality. This is because people tend to use those things more often, which also reminds them more about the brand that you are trying to promote. And with this as a basic guideline in advertising, Wholesale Pens have always been an option for your giveaway. They come in different colours, designs, and materials that can suit any target market you have in mind.

Types of Wholesale Pens Used for Promotional Purposes

  • Roller ball pens. This is the most common type of pen most popular brands have. It offers precision in ink distribution, which makes it ideal for writing. These pens are usually given out to executives.
  • Multi-function pens. This is the multi-coloured pen that is normally a four-in-one pen. This can be given out to students and office employees.
  • Rubber gripped pen. Any kind of pen can have this feature. The difference it makes is that there is a thick rubber around the lower part where you usually hold on when writing. This prevents the pen from slipping through the fingers.
  • Pen with cord attachment. Most often when we misplace pens, it is easy to forget them anywhere. So one innovation for Wholesale Pens is to attach a cord that can also be customised by using different laces, putting beads, or making it into a pen and lanyard in one. With this innovation, it lessens the chance of pens of being left or misplaced.

Advantages of Using Wholesale Pens for Promotion

  • Saves money. Anything that we buy in bulk or wholesale is much cheaper. The same goes for Wholesale Pens. This makes an ideal promotional item for those who are working on a tight budget.
  • Handy. They are handy for both customer and promoter. Due to its lightweight material and small size, it is easier to bring it in bulk and makes it trouble-free to distribute as well.
  • Ample space. They may be thin and elongated, but pens still have ample spaces for you to print on your brand and short slogan.
  • Useful. It can be used in everyday transactions, may it be in the office, home, or school.
  • Fits any target market. Since it is used by anyone, there is not much hassle with regards to the target market that you want to distribute the pens to.

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