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Why Give Away Wholesale Key Chains For Promotional Giveaways?

When a company has a promotional giveaway, the powers that be often think that they need to have a big product to give away or their customers will not want what they offer. This is not the case. The truth is that something as simple as wholesale key chains can be an effective way to promote your company to customers through a promotional giveaway. With simple promotional items, you reach your customers effectively and you save money while doing so. For example, let's look at two scenarios involving promotional items.

If you give away a television with your company logo on it, you spend $500 for the product and one customer gets it. That one customer can show off the television and they will probably be in the paper. This means your company reaches about 200 to 300 people thanks to the promotion of the product and the people who see the product at the customer's home.

Now, say instead you give away 100 five dollar wholesale key chains. Now, you have reached 100 people, all of whom use their key chain for years. They won't be in the paper, but if an average of 100 people per person sees the key chain and your company logo on it, then 100 key chains reach 10,000 people. So, for the same price, but with more quantity and less price, you reach 10,000 people instead of only 200 to 300. That means a lot more promotion and a lot more companies who feel loyal to your company. The one customer who wins the television will keep shopping with you. However, those who lost may not. Now, with wholesale key chains you have 100 people who will keep shopping with you, earning your company thousands of dollars in sales thanks to a five dollar key chain.

Wholesale key chains may seem like a simple gift for your customers that won't yield many results, but the truth is that it will. It will yield a massive amount of results for you thanks to the quantity of customers you can reach. You can even have your key chains engraved or include a laser pointer on them to make them more appealing to customers. This costs more, but you will have a better chance of a customer using the key chains with the more features you put on them.

If you are going to have a promotional give away, then don't go with promotional gifts that are expensive and can only be given to a few customers. You will want to give your customers something small so you can reach more customers and wholesale key chains can do exactly that for you. They are effective and easy to distribute. Plus you can put your company's name on the key chain and be able to reach even more customers thanks to those customers seeing your company name on the key chain. Sometimes big isn't always the best, and this is the case with promotional items and promotional giveaways.

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